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We were among the many who evacuated during the Valley Fire in September. Upon hearing about an upcoming benefit - I was wondering
what I might perform... when this song manifested itself. Wouldn't it be fun to ramp it up a few notches and perhaps generate some awareness
and even revenue for the community? Like the last line in the song: "We put you out, but you're not done." There's much still to be done.

We know more than a couple of studios and some amazing musicians in the area. Perhaps we can produce an ensemble version?


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Digital downloads are on iTunes and and Google play many other sites.

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Many thanks to Kevin Hayes for some very tasty drums, and Robert Butler of Coyote Creek Studio in Sebastopol for the engineering and our final mixing. The mastering by Justin Weiss at Trakworx in San Francisco really topped it off.

Please send me your input. Which one is your fave?
Which one should I make into a video? Is there a name for this style?
Let me know, thanks ~

SONG LYRICS: Paradise Bird, So Damn Happy, Polynesian Eyes, Terror of Tinytown, My Brand New Start, Temptacious Eyes, Give the Boy his Due, My Beautiful Dream, PLANET VEGA$, Giant Question Mark.
* grandson Levi adds the crying on "Terror of Tinytown" in the style of son Silvin ~ the original. Painting and songs by Robert Battaile.